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GARCIA FAURA’s commitment to quality

Quality is one of the basic axes of GARCIA FAURA. Quality not only in the final and finished products for customers, but also in the internal manufacturing and installation processes that the company carries out, as well as in the operation and management of the different departments of the company.

Achieving the highest levels of quality in management and production has been a hallmark of GARCIA FAURA since the company made the leap to the national market in the early 80s of the twentieth century. The company was, at the time, one of the first companies in the sector to implement and maintain the ISO 9001 quality certificate in its internal processes. That fact led to the creation of a Quality Department that, over the years, has become professional and grown, gaining in demand and rigor.

The Quality Department is currently made up of eight people, technicians and top officials, who work transversally with other areas of the company, especially the Departments of Technical Office, Production and Computer Systems. In addition to the direct resources available to the department, about a hundred employees of the company have, among their functions, some tasks related to the performance of the quality procedures established in the different phases of design and production. of the company.

Procedures adapted to each type of product

For more than a decade, GARCIA FAURA has specialized in the development of unique projects, through the design, manufacture and installation of modular facades and curtain walls. To ensure the highest quality of this work from the very beginning, the company is implementing a new cross-cutting quality management procedure. This will allow a technical study to be carried out with the participation of different departments where possible critical points are defined that will have to be controlled throughout the process, both in the factory and on site.

Once these critical points have been defined, the quality technicians will be in charge of preparing the necessary procedures and implementing them both in the factory and in the installation, with controls that allow to ensure the permanent fulfillment of all the procedures.

With regard to the production line of enclosures, an important part of the quality of these products is already ensured by the reliability of the standardized systems offered by our suppliers, with already tested ranges and defined monitoring procedures as standard. However, in the factory, quality controls are already followed throughout the assembly line, in a computerized way using tablets that allow us to carry out the corresponding checks and ensure compliance with all the points to be verified.

At the end of the production lines, in addition, samples of the manufactured products are sampled to check their correct operation. Checks and controls that are repeated once on site and with the products already installed.

With all this, GARCIA FAURA aims to continue to make quality its hallmark, and maintain it as a distinctive feature of the company, becoming one of the points most valued by its customers over the years.

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