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GARCIA FAURA Intervenes In The Future Most Sustainable Office Complex In Barcelona

GARCIA FAURA intervenes in the future most sustainable office complex in Barcelona

At 22@, the technological district of Barcelona that wants to be a pole of business attraction, the Smart building is being erected, the office complex called to be the most sustainable in the Catalan capital, a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency. And in this, the intervention of GARCIA FAURA will be key.

The two buildings that will make up the Smart complex are being built on an area of ​​25,000 square meters: one with 12 floors and the other with 9. GARCIA FAURA will build 8,900 square meters of curtain wall of the Stick type and 1,100 meters squares of aluminum enclosures of different types.

In addition, the company will also make a technical intervention in high-performance coatings and finishes such as 7,200 square meters of ceramic coatings (cladding, baguettes, slats…), 1,000 square meters of photovoltaic glass and 500 square meters of coating Euronit.

All of this must help Smart prove its sustainability with the LEED 4 certificate, a seal managed by an American entity that promotes energy efficiency values ​​in construction such as energy saving, waste management or the materials used, among others.

In this sense, Smart is expected to achieve 10% in the reduction of CO2 emissions or the generation of energy through the capture of sunlight through the windows. It also wants to achieve 75% sustainable waste management, 32% energy savings and 45% water consumption.

Comfort for people using a smart complex

Another certification that aims to achieve the complex is the Well Platinum of health and comfort of people using the Smart. The seal evaluates aspects such as water quality, lighting or ventilation system filters.

As if this were not enough, the complex will be connected to Districlima, an urban network for the generation of heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water from the steam of the energy assessment of waste.

Finally, it should be noted that Smart will be a smart complex. That is, through a mobile application, you can reserve a parking space, a room for conferences or meetings, or enter the offices, among other actions.

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