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GARCIA FAURA intervenes in the renovation of equipments and the energetic improvement of the island of services of the Sagrada Família Market

Barcelona City Council is carrying out the redevelopment and improvement of the energy efficiency of the Sagrada Família Market and the rest of the public facilities on the block located between Padilla and Mallorca streets, in the Eixample district of the Catalan capital.

The Barcelona City Council has launched the comprehensive refurbishment of the block between Mallorca, Padilla and Provença streets, an area of 8,107 square metres where there are various facilities such as the Sagrada Família Market, a home for the elderly, a children’s home, a civic centre and a library. The reform aims to reconnect the neighbourhood with the inner garden of the block and the facilities with each other, reorganise the uses of the service building and minimise the environmental impact of the facilities as a whole.

The works have been divided into two different actions and GARCIA FAURA is involved in both of them.

With regard to the remodelling of the Sagrada Família Market, the main objective of the work is to optimise energy use, so a new sustainable roof with photovoltaic panels will be installed, which is expected to reduce direct solar radiation by 10-20%. A series of modules will be manufactured and installed for the roof ventilation systems, consisting of louvres and integrated motorised opening windows. A 450 square metres curtain wall façade will also be built, as well as other interventions such as glazing, metal cladding or sandwich panel coverings.

As for the area of social facilities, GARCIA FAURA will execute 850 square metres of curtain walls, which will integrate fifty modules of balconies and fixed glazing. Eight automatic opening access doors and a series of exterior facade cladding will also be manufactured and installed.

These works are expected to reduce the demand for air conditioning by 25%, as well as improving sound absorption, improving the passageway linking the neighbourhood to the inner square and rearranging the use of the island’s services.

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