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Division of Maintenance and Post-sale: offering full satisfaction, both in own projects and executed by third parties

GARCIA FAURA’s Maintenance and After-Sales Division carries out work on projects developed by the company, but also on buildings that require technical interventions to guarantee their correct operation or improve efficiency.

In parallel to the work that GARCIA FAURA carries out in the field of large construction projects and the Residential sector, the company also has a long-distance Maintenance and After-Sales Division with proven quality.

This area of ​​work has experienced significant growth in recent years, motivated in part by the growing need to update buildings of a certain age, but also by the greater awareness of the social and economic benefits of an efficient facade.

In this way, a diagnosis of the state of the facades of a building makes it possible to identify its maintenance needs as well as its opportunities for improvement in aspects such as energy efficiency and greater technical and acoustic performance.

GARCIA FAURA has also recently identified an increase in the work of this Division in the field of comprehensive repairs of projects not executed by the company. Currently, for example, work is under way on two large buildings built in the Catalan capital in the last three years and which were not executed with the quality guarantee that the property required.

In this way, despite not having been initially executed by GARCIA FAURA, finally the company has been hired to improve the functioning of these facades, putting at the service of the building all the technical capacity and quality that the company provides in the projects that run initially.

Be that as it may, GARCIA FAURA‘s will always lies in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and offering maximum well-being to the end users of the buildings in which it intervenes. Whether they are guests of a hotel, workers of a large corporation or researchers at the service of science and technology.

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