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Satisfaction With The Participation Of GARCIA FAURA In The Master Of Light Facades

Satisfaction with the participation of GARCIA FAURA in the Master of light facades

During this school year, a group of superior technicians from GARCIA FAURA have received a scholarship from the company to participate in the Master of Light Facades that was taught at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. GARCIA FAURA‘s commitment to the continuous training of the company’s workers.

The master’s degree, in which GARCIA FAURA was a collaborating entity, was marked by the incidence of coronavirus, with the classes beginning in person but ending with online training. However, the course has been profitable for the company’s technicians who have participated, three of them directly awarded grants by GARCIA FAURA and one in collaboration with the supplier company GEZE Ibérica. Some of the participants tell us about their experience.

For María López, an architect by training, the master’s classes have been very well organized, also when the confinement forced them to be done online, so that all the planned contents have been successfully completed.

In her opinion, the master’s degree has allowed her “to improve the way I carry out my work, but also to have a more global vision of other parts of the façade beyond assembly and manufacturing, such as design, acoustics or thermal“. An overview that “allows me to anticipate problems or detect some that may arise in parts of the facade“.

For this reason, I would recommend the master’s degree “both to people who have just graduated and who want to specialize in facades, and to people who are already part of the sector and who want to be recycled, because the master is very up-to-date in current regulations. It is not enough to have spent twenty years dedicated to the world of facades”, she concludes.

For Nuria Muñoz, an industrial technical engineer, the master’s degree was “hard” because she had to combine work with classes and do the final project during confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic. “But it was worth it. In the end everything has a reward”, she says satisfied.

And it is that the master has given her “an overview of many fields within the sector that in your day-to-day work you do not touch“. Thus, apart from the knowledge acquired, the course will serve «to have tools and resources to know where to go to look for information the day I encounter a problem. In fact, I have already found cases of raising a doubt in some meeting and having the answer in the notes of the master”.

Undoubtedly, I would recommend the master to anyone in the sector, because «it is useful, the professors are specialists in a specific area and can give deeper knowledge. They can give you an overview of the industry“.

Of the same opinion is Francisco Sánchez, civil engineer, who makes a good assessment of the master because “the agenda has been very broad, with very specific things.” One aspect of the course that he liked was that it allowed him to have “a general and global vision of what our work is, because here each one of us is focused on a specific point. And, even within the same field in which we work, you see facade typologies that here are not so common and that it is also good to see”.

In this sense, he considers that the master’s degree is «especially interesting for someone who has just graduated or who has been in the sector for a short time because in this world, whatever training you have, you have not seen many things. What the master has is a specific training in this field of facades, which always goes well”.

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