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GARCIA FAURA launches the project ‘At work, by bike’

Within the framework of the European Week of Sustainable and Safe Mobility, which is being held from September 16 to 22, the company GARCIA FAURA starts up its project At work, by bike. It is an initiative that is part of the action plan that the company is implementing in the field of environmental and sustainability policies.

The project At work, by bike becomes a clear commitment to promote sustainable mobility between workers in the company. It has been possible thanks to a project financed by the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), through the Biciempresa program. GARCIA FAURA has benefited from this aid program, through which the metropolitan body has transferred to the company 2 electric bicycles and 3 folding bicycles.

The company, on the other hand, places these bicycles at the disposal of its personnel, with the aim of replacing their everyday trips with a private vehicle for the bicycle, or the combination of bicycles and public transport.

During the summer, GARCIA FAURA has campaigned to disseminate the action among its staff so that workers interested in replacing their car for the bicycle should submit their application. The 5 people who will eventually enjoy this bicycle in a given way, reside at a distance of 2 to 30 kilometers from their workplace. Depending on each case, they will be used as a means of single transport, or combined with the train and the bus. Its use will allow five vehicles less each day to circulate on our roads, contributing to a more sustainable and healthy displacement.

And the benefits of cycling not only are environmental, but also have a positive impact on the health of workers. Moving on a bicycle strengthens the joints and muscles, increases aerobic capacity and represents an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

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